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Scholarship application for up to $1,000
The Foundation
Kentucky REALTOR® Institute "KRI" (formerly the Kentucky Real Estate Education Foundation "KREEF") was incorporated in March 1990 to serve as the educational arm of the Kentucky REALTORS®. The Foundation is dedicated to providing education, services and research for members of the Kentucky REALTORS®, Kentucky real estate licensees and the public.
The general purpose and mission of the KRI is “to enhance real estate professionalism and knowledge by providing quality educational services and programs for the real estate industry and the public.”
The Trustees of the Foundation are continuously reviewing the potential to determine various meaningful projects with one important endeavor being annual scholarships. The scholarship funds will assist members in pursuit of the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute, GRI designation.

Scholarships Available
The KRI Trustees award scholarships on an annual basis depending on a variety of factors. The total number of scholarships awarded will be determined by the Trustees. Scholarships awarded for GRI can be used to cover program costs including course registrations (core and elective courses) and lodging, when applicable, up to a maximum of $1,000. Scholarship funds will be provided for up to 36 months after notification of award is made. Unused funds will not be paid to recipient.

Members of the Kentucky REALTORS® are eligible for GRI scholarship assistance.
Scholarship assistance is available to the following:

 Members of the Kentucky REALTORS®.
 Members who are in good standing with local, state and national associations.
 Member must complete GRI courses in KY and will have 36 months to use scholarship funds.

Application Procedure
If you prefer to email, mail or fax the application instead, please email for a PDF version of the application. Please follow the set guidelines listed below for the online application:

 All applications must be completed in full.
 A letter of verification of REALTOR® membership from local board/association must be attached.

Deadline for Scholarships
All applications must be submitted and received no later than May 31st at 11:59 PM EST. Scholarships will be reviewed in the month of June and all applicants will be notified by June 30th.
Name of REALTOR® Member: *

Residence Address: *

Phone Number:

Number of Years You’ve Been A REALTOR® Member: *

Have you ever been a KRI scholarship recipient? If so, which scholarship and in what year did you receive it? *

Please list any KYR/Local Board activity or committee involvement. If you are currently not involved, please provide a brief explanation of why you have not had the opportunity or chance to and if you plan to in the future: *

Educational Background
Please indicate the extent of your schooling, including highest level of education achieved and any professional designation programs successfully completed. If you are currently enrolled in a degree program, please indicate institution and field of study. *

General Information
Why do you believe you are deserving of a Kentucky REALTOR® Institute scholarship for GRI? *

Future Benefits 
Please explain why obtaining your GRI is beneficial. Additionally, include your future goals and how the GRI Designation will help fullfill that need and bring you to the next level in your career. *

Please attach your letter of verification from your local board/association to fulfill the scholarship requirements.

Thank you for completing the GRI Scholarship Application.

Nicole Knudtson
Director of Education & Training

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